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Kristin Tinsley: Music

Cry Out to the Night

(Kristin Tinsley)
Cry out to the night 7-16-05

For the girl
who is much like you
She knows what
you’re feeling
She hears voices too

And she understands
the reasons
Why you were crazy

Though the answers
came much later
Than you’d hoped
It’s better late than never

And she understands much
Of what you’re feeling

(cry out to the night)
To the nightbird and she’ll carry your song to me
(cry out to the night)
When you’re down it can set the others free
(cry out to the night)
Go on baby…
Go on it’s alright
(cry out to the night)
ooh cry out to the night….

She often sits at
home as you do
Writing in the dark alone
Far from view

And she understands
this world
Better than the one
that’s around her

After all this has
become her home
Words here hold more truth than you’ll ever know

And she understands everything
About this nameless girl

Some day you’ll come
face to face with her
And see yourself once again
As the young girl
you once were

Ooh you gave so
much to her…


You’ll see yourself in the face of another
You won’t even know her name
Oh you gave so much to her
Ooh ooh cry out to the night….