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Kristin Tinsley: Music

Till the Moon Falls

(Kristin Tinsley)
Till the Moon Falls 8-22-05

I wonder who you sing to
When you cry in the night
What woman has you down
And losing the fight

Was it what you wanted
But could not have
Or what she took from you
That’s driving you mad

It’s a hard game
When your heart’s
in another’s hand
When they walk away
It’s sometimes hard
to understand

But you can cry to me
I’ll help you see

Well she’s not the
winner after all
Cause I’ll hold you
Till the moon falls…

So I cry out to the night
And sing a song for you
No baby I’m not down
But I do need you

And I don’t know if it’s right
But I really do care
No matter what
becomes of us
I will be there

Well you’re haunting me
Day and night
Ooh and she’s locked away
In your mind

How I wish
you’d set her free
Well set her free baby
And turn your heart
To me